Dream Zone

I had this dream – I still have this dream

I had this goal – I still have this goal

I haven’t got it all figured out just yet

But I know

It’s on it’s way

In the calm and chaos of a dream well lived, with inspiration from music, life and more, evolving over time with the rhythm and flow – It’s been and is an awesome journey.  With many different facets to being an artist – so many options for projects, exhibition ideas coming out of our ears and locations, galleries, art shows and classes to consider – music and poetry – it can be overwhelming at times – incredibly exciting, unpredictable and rewarding.  But above all else it’s generous, supportive and unbelievably enriching…

It is your language!! – Your Heart!! – Your Soul!!

It may take you to places way beyond the edge

(I know it takes me there time and time again).

It may be total and utter confusion – overwhelming and feel like it’s out of control.

It may be as calm as a mill pond – so calm that you take a rest and breathe in with the wind.

And it may be so totally inevitable – that you just cannot explain – so meant to be you don’t know why and so in sync for reasons that only you know…

It may just be magic after all.

I always had this dream – I’ll always have this dream

In whichever way it evolves

In the making – It’s a dream

Karina x

The Red Zone – Karina Fay 2014

Painted to Music – Painted to Art