Beautiful Mezz

So I wrote this post the other day from Cardrona Ski Field – and after having a good laugh about this all week, I thought I’d celebrate some of the random and messy jobs I’ve experienced before throwing in the towel to paint and write.

And in random style and no particular order:  the beautiful mezz of work consists of cleaning houses, apartments, restaurants and cleaning the student pub we used to hang out in (gross too, I have to say),  waiting tables, making sandwiches, coffee, hot food and pies, drawing menus on blackboards, cleaning office kitchens, computer trainer, reception work and help desk support (pretty funny actually), florist, teacher aide work, caregiver and support worker for a while (tough job), designing kitchens, bar work, tour bus host on corporate golf days out, teaching art and floral design classes (a lot of fun), the list goes on…

So yes, life is a beautiful mezz – A colourful, magical, musical, wonderful mezz…

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enjoy your mezz – Sail Away

Karina x