New York New York

The beginning of a dream…

I think any dream, whether it’s big or small, whether it seems logical or not and whether it becomes reality in the end is valid… especially if you’ve dreamed it up out of your head.  So I’m back here now – with the dream, the dream, the dream.

And in usual typical form, I’m flying… starting in Queenstown – and ending up – who knows where but Queens in New York sounds pretty good – and everywhere in between.

And it’s funny because I almost went to New York in 2015. I got accepted into a gallery there and that’s where I was heading.  But I stopped, backtracked – decided to build the foundation first instead of running around in the penthouse suite as usual.  So I put it all on hold for a little bit to get the gallery established.

And so, back to it, we’re just getting warmed up and New York – as far as I know it’s still there – and plenty of gallery space too.  Might have to pop over there soon.

Welcome to Monark Gallery.

Karina x