Surround Sound

I was thinking about this the other day, while I was out walking and it just cracked me up… so I will share it here because it’s all part of the journey and part of life and it’s written from a different perspective – that of a waitress at Wilton House in Wellington…

(So when I was training to be a florist, I got a job for a wedding venue – it was a cool job too.  Tell you what, you learn heaps about life and people when you’re working for a place like this I reckon, and it was really fun – hard work but fun as)

So I’ll share a little story from one night at work – and it goes like this…

Hey there, he said

“Hey, what’s up” I said, walking past the bass player with a stack of plates in my hand – (he looked kinda nervous – pacing up and down by the bar)  … “I’ll be back in a tick, just running these dishes out to the kitchen and I’ll come back, grab you a drink or something” – (our boss always told us to do that – and she was right coz you know what they say – Happy band – Happy crowd right and the other way around too)

Yeah cool, he said…

“Alrighty what would you like, it’s on the house” …  “Looking forward to the music, it’s been a fun wedding, it’s going off in there.  I was laughing before when they were doing the speeches – omg, we were cracking up so much, I was trying not to drop the plates on the floor.  Think I spilled some red wine over some lady’s shoulder in there, but I don’t even think she noticed… ” anyway – “How long have you guys been playing together? … it looks like you’re all having fun”

Yeah, he said – I’ve never played with these guys before.  I’m just filling in for a mate of mine, he couldn’t make it tonight so he asked me if I could play.  Actually I’m kind of freaking out – I know some of the songs, but not all of them – but I told them I could play so I don’t want to let them down and I don’t know – I’m just hanging here trying to get into the groove and all…

By this stage, we’re all talking and having a laugh – all 5 of us on that night – even our boss came out from the kitchen and the rest of the band came over too.  And I will say this – that the band rocked, the audience went off and the place was humming!

Which got me thinking about the important role of everyone in not only the life of an artist or performer but the lives of everyone around us.  And if you think of life as one giant wedding reception – even just one night of it – if you think about all the dynamics, the people, the coming and going, the participation, anxious moments, friendly conversations and all the laughs, the dancing and the energy.  If you think about the piles of shoes on the side of the dance floor and the effortless way the music just came together that night – the meal, the everything – it blows your mind!

So this is just a little celebration of that.  It’s not about weddings, or love or romance or right or wrong or anything really – it’s about everything and everything that surrounds us all in delicious delirious delectable ‘surround sound’.

And that is something we all share… And keep to ourselves

To share again… Ourselves

With heart

Karina x