The Banquet

From Wellywood to Hollywood – via Fiji

A feast for the senses, A banquet to see

You know where you come from

You know where you’re going

The stuff in between

Well –  that’s yours – to be knowing…

So I’m off to LA – the city of Angels with a little South Pacific vibe from the banquet table at the Westin Denerau in Fiji.  What a feast!

In my last week of polytech – back in November 1996 – we were all asked what we wanted to do when we left our course. I can distinctly remember thinking that all I wanted to do was to travel the world, paint, draw on napkins over long lunches and head to the States… and all I can say to that is – never stop dreaming – ever!

Dream the Life – Live the Dream – Keep on Keepin’ on… as they say…

Karina x