Light of Day


Funniest thing I’d find after leaving my job was that people started asking me what I did all day.  Almost as if to question our very existence or the right to follow our wildest, wild dreams.  And I wanna fly – that ain’t no secret in these parts!

The best questions I’d get asked were – Are you still painting? followed by Are you looking for another job? – you should keep your bar managers licence you know, just in case…

In case what – That I’d suddenly wake up one day and stop being an artist – as if.

In case what – That I should have a back up plan – in case my dreams didn’t pan out.

In case what – yeah – In case what?

No more excuses – justifications – down playing these crazy dreams – No more.

It’s funny you know – when they’re talking the small talk – I’m thinking New York.  Not that I’m gonna tell them that mind you – maybe I’ll send a postcard when I get there… till then – Dream Big – Dream Bigger – Dream On…

Karina x


Paradise – Lake Sylvan to the Rock Burn Hut

Queenstown, New Zealand

Sense of Place


Greenstone Fish Series – Luma Queenstown 2017