Learning to Fly

“Good morning sir, what are up to today?”

Good morning he said… Just heading up to Cardrona – A bit of skiing and what not… Can I grab a couple of take away coffees please? I’ll have one latte and an espresso thanks…

“yeah sure, no worries…”

Winter time mornings would often start like these… You learn a lot about people over coffee I find. And so I thought I’d take you to Cardies – our local – with a series of pics… I could use words but you can bring your own. On the road to the top, it’s great to have company along for the flight…

The road to Cardrona Ski Resort – Wanaka, NZ

Resort Headquarters – top of the road…

McDougall’s and the Skyline run – Queenstown Return

Enjoy your day!  – Gotta fly!

Karina x


Cardrona Hotel Cardrona