The Burn

I’m putting this here because life is full of every emotion and experience possible – including grief.  Just after I moved to Wanaka, I met Catherine – shes such an awesome chick, far out we had some laughs… Like that camping trip to Lake Sylvan for one. That was funny – as was the walk to the Rock Burn hut… Omg talk about Burn!  I’m pretty convinced that every hike around here with the word ‘Burn’ in it includes some kind of epic mountain climb – and you guessed it – your muscles buuuurn!.

I’m not going to write much here, other than to say this. “If you’ve ever wondered if anything you ever do or have done or going to do can make a difference in other people’s lives – I can honestly say this from experience and from the bottom of my heart. It did! It does! And it always will! ”  No matter the burn – no matter the pain of grief and we’ve all felt that I’m sure – no matter how much you doubt yourself – don’t. Because thanks to Catherine – I learnt to laugh – and to cry – and to laugh again… and then some…

Thanks Catherine

You’re always here and

That I know

For sure

Karina x

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