The Heart of the Art

Why do I write? Guess I’ve just got way too much to say for myself…

Welcome to our writing space – our poetry place and our confessions from the cauldron.  Here you’ll find our words, short stories and reflections.  When I’m not writing I’m painting – When I’m not painting I’m writing…

Always I’m listening – to the sounds of the ocean, to nature, to music…

After all the years – this seems a great place to start… Thanks a bunch, Karina

“You get that feeling deep down inside. You know the one – the one that is pulling on every one of your heart strings……… not just pulling on them but tugging them so tight you cannot ignore their force. This is Passion!”

“You get that thought that crosses your mind like a flash. The thought that stops inside your head for longer than a split second and knocks loudly on the inside of your brain – so loudly that you cannot make it stop. This is Passion!”

“You get that voice inside your heart that screams in whispers and whispers in screams. It never stops for a second, not even a one – never …………. This is Passion!”

“You get that choking feeling in your throat – you feel like laughing but you feel intense sorrow at the same time. You’re a laugh away from a tear and it rips you up. This is Passion!”

You disappear and paint this out, leaving your passion in the paint and on the canvas. This is freedom!!

Passion is not a fleeting thought, or split second moment. It is in us. All of us. Share your passions.

Share your heart – Share your Art……….. It’s the best feeling in the world.


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