In the Frame

A lot of this art thing for me has been about finding and putting ourselves in the frame.  As an artist that writes, and a writer that paints – Often there is little or no separation between the two.

And so with that said, here’s a little collage from the studio.  Some words need no pictures, some pictures no words.  What is said in music, in art, in life will always mean what is said.

That is absolutely totally true…

Love and light

Karina x



Dream Zone

I had this dream – I still have this dream

I had this goal – I still have this goal

I haven’t got it all figured out just yet

But I know

It’s on it’s way

In the calm and chaos of a dream well lived, with inspiration from music, life and more, evolving over time with the rhythm and flow – It’s been and is an awesome journey.  With many different facets to being an artist – so many options for projects, exhibition ideas coming out of our ears and locations, galleries, art shows and classes to consider – music and poetry – it can be overwhelming at times – incredibly exciting, unpredictable and rewarding.  But above all else it’s generous, supportive and unbelievably enriching…

It is your language!! – Your Heart!! – Your Soul!!

It may take you to places way beyond the edge

(I know it takes me there time and time again).

It may be total and utter confusion – overwhelming and feel like it’s out of control.

It may be as calm as a mill pond – so calm that you take a rest and breathe in with the wind.

And it may be so totally inevitable – that you just cannot explain – so meant to be you don’t know why and so in sync for reasons that only you know…

It may just be magic after all.

I always had this dream – I’ll always have this dream

In whichever way it evolves

In the making – It’s a dream

Karina x

The Red Zone – Karina Fay 2014

Painted to Music – Painted to Art

Mosaic Mile

I often walk along here – always reading these bricks but I don’t often stop to take photos of them… So today, on a beautiful spring day in Wanaka – in between painting and exhibiting artwork in Dunedin next week – I’m walking along the yellow brick road I like to call Mosaic Mile.

Because we’re all history in the making…

And that feels pretty damn good

Karina x



Scattered Thoughts

Thought I’d take you on a flying trip through my poetry journal. A little jumble of words, poetry, prompts and poetic conversation. Just a teeny little trace…

From the mind… of a dreamer…

Enjoy your week

Karina x

Beautiful Mezz

So I wrote this post the other day from Cardrona Ski Field – and after having a good laugh about this all week, I thought I’d celebrate some of the random and messy jobs I’ve experienced before throwing in the towel to paint and write.

And in random style and no particular order:  the beautiful mezz of work consists of cleaning houses, apartments, restaurants and cleaning the student pub we used to hang out in (gross too, I have to say),  waiting tables, making sandwiches, coffee, hot food and pies, drawing menus on blackboards, cleaning office kitchens, computer trainer, reception work and help desk support (pretty funny actually), florist, teacher aide work, caregiver and support worker for a while (tough job), designing kitchens, bar work, tour bus host on corporate golf days out, teaching art and floral design classes (a lot of fun), the list goes on…

So yes, life is a beautiful mezz – A colourful, magical, musical, wonderful mezz…

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enjoy your mezz – Sail Away

Karina x

Dreaming Light

It’s a beautiful day today and I’m painting live from the green.  Music from the jazz band wafting through the trees – I love this kind of thing – Art, Music, Good friends, Food – all set in the lovely park like setting of Minaret Lodge in Wanaka.

This is Art in the Park…

I always have fun when I paint – it’s an energy I love and thrive on.  No doubt some paintings go a little deeper emotionally and sometimes I might cry as well – but that’s all part of the fun too.  For me, it’s a free flowing river, not a trickle or a stream but a full bodied flood of colour, thoughts and emotion… and I often get the same response from the people that buy my work.

So this is a little story about 2 paintings, a little slice and another – via San Francisco of course – because that’s how we dream…

The deep abyss…

I’m painting away, talking as usual and something catches my eye.  Out of nowhere, a lady and her son are standing there, looking at the artwork propped up against the wall and they’re talking in body language – arms waving, following the shape of the painting in the air.  They’re there for ages, and I keep painting…

We start talking.  They tell me everything, what the painting looks like, where it could go in their house, what it reminds them of and more importantly how it feels… and it’s awesome to hear these words.  ‘How much is it’?, they ask – they really want to buy it right there and then.  Shes like to her son, ‘You stay here, I’ll go grab my purse from the car’ and she did.  We keep talking… I keep thinking… (How much, I hadn’t planned on selling this today, ummm, what should I charge them – they really want to buy it, how much is too much, too little – I’m thinking on my feet now).

Red Roses Too…

Meanwhile… I turned up today with 2 paintings, leaned against the wall and one to paint live and I’m painting away as usual when something catches my eye.  Out of nowhere, a couple… standing there, looking at the artwork propped up against the wall.  They’re from Auckland, love music, and guess what, that was their song…

They left, with the painting now hanging in their living room in Auckland and it still blows me away even now. From that day – I truly believe some paintings just find their owners, for whatever reasons they may have – and it’s always emotional and personal. That’s what I love about art and music – it’s something people all relate to which is awesome and totally heart felt.  2 paintings, 2 poems, 2 songs… and a life time to discover all the magic in between.  I love that.

Art, Poetry, Music…

Always and Forever

Karina x


New York New York

The beginning of a dream…

I think any dream, whether it’s big or small, whether it seems logical or not and whether it becomes reality in the end is valid… especially if you’ve dreamed it up out of your head.  So I’m back here now – with the dream, the dream, the dream.

And in usual typical form, I’m flying… starting in Queenstown – and ending up – who knows where but Queens in New York sounds pretty good – and everywhere in between.

And it’s funny because I almost went to New York in 2015. I got accepted into a gallery there and that’s where I was heading.  But I stopped, backtracked – decided to build the foundation first instead of running around in the penthouse suite as usual.  So I put it all on hold for a little bit to get the gallery established.

And so, back to it, we’re just getting warmed up and New York – as far as I know it’s still there – and plenty of gallery space too.  Might have to pop over there soon.

Welcome to Monark Gallery.

Karina x