Find the River

Speeding through the year, rapidly finding meaning, we’re beginning to make sense of the flow.  Like life in motion, overlooking the deep and the river, the one full of snow…

And it’s mind blowing!!!

What we share – what we learn – how we see – what we are – how we connect – with our heart – how it speaks – through our art – and just…

Like the river to the ocean goes…

It’s really beautiful,  when it snows.

Love and respect! – Happy new year!

Karina x


Time is Precious

On the move, life is a constantly moving target. As the days melt into weeks, I find it good sometimes to reflect on the journey.

The time it’s taken to just be.

It’s a great feeling.

After 6 years in Wanaka – here’s a little glimpse of the outdoor studio – on this, a beautiful morning in November.

Have the most precious day…

Thank you so much

Karina x



The Phoenix

Island of North


Not many words here – not in ink anyway.  The last few years I’ve just written, written, written and literally poured my heart out – so many beautiful conversations – so many thought provoking and inspiring moments.  As the journey continues I’ve learnt so much – found so much and regained that spirit that had been eluding me for years.

If it’s a feeling of being understood then I’ve found that – If it’s expressing yourself in many languages then that’s been realized too and if it’s an appreciation of friendship and support both artistically and personally – then yep, that’s also been found.

Scream in Colour…

Enjoy your weekend, Thanks so much

Karina x

530762295_e6d1b46a3a (1)


I’ve spent a lifetime trying to understand this art journey. A lifetime!

And it’s actually kinda simple really – that is once you free your mind and mine was pretty cluttered. It’s like everything you’ve ever lived, felt and experienced all jammed up in your head – adding to that everyday all the new stuff. Then there’s the challenge of expressing all that, expressing yourself, living the dream you’ve got and finding inner peace all at the same time.  No wonder it’s such a massive challenge and believe me it is.

But with views like these, fantastic and beautiful support and quality reading – it’s all really making perfect sense.

Thank you for the poetry – it really helps creativity to flow in all directions.

Have a beautiful day.

Karina x


Ask any artist what their tools of the trade are and they’ll all have their favourites.  As a florist – writer – poet – photographer & painter – these are mine.

The colour and fragrance of spring, one paintbrush, a journal packed with words and emotions and a coffee mug, combined with music, travel and imagination – what more do you need?

And just as the quote below says – “Don’t be afraid to do something big” – and they’re right. It’s been a busy year, full on – now it’s time to turn up the volume and fkn go for it! Can’t wait.

Happy Spring – it’s awesome to be here.

Karina x


The Snowman

Spring skiing and a lazy coffee or two at The Lounge at Cardrona. After last week in Dunedin at the art show, a busy week and a new focus of energy – it feels great to be here, in spring, back home and doing exactly what we want.

Have an awesome weekend

Karina x

In the Frame

A lot of this art thing for me has been about finding and putting ourselves in the frame.  As an artist that writes, and a writer that paints – Often there is little or no separation between the two.

And so with that said, here’s a little collage from the studio.  Some words need no pictures, some pictures no words.  What is said in music, in art, in life will always mean what is said.

That is absolutely totally true…

Love and light

Karina x